We use the best cleaning system available Time to replace that old moldy silicone The dark lines show up even on the ceiling Don't wait too long to have your shower tiles cleaned! The dark grout could damage your bathroom walls
Tile and Grout Cleaning
Dry within 5 minutes! Seeing the difference, top left corner That looks much better! Do you wonder what your tile and grout used to look like! If your thinking about getting your ceramic clean, don't forget to Seal the grout! Our customers won't believe how clean their Grout and Ceramics is!
Ceramic Tile Installation

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Residential Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

Today every building has some type of tile and grout. Scrubbing your dirty tile and grout is not fun especially when using harsh chemicals. When you clean your floors the cleaning products, soil and water move around and can settle into the grout lines.

After a period of time those grout lines darken and the tile colour does not stand out anymore. The dirty grout can be cleaned. Our highly trained cleaning technicians will carefully restore your tile and grout making it look like new.

In combination with high pressure, we use products developed specifically for tile and grout refurbishing with steaming hot water and state-of-the-art extraction methods removes soil, water and cleaning products. We seal your flooring especially after restoring your tile and grout.

When we seal your freshly cleaned tile and grout, soil does not penetrate the grout and when you clean the floors again the soil can be removed easily.

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